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For trips related to Sloan's Valley, KY

< Contact the master caver - John L. Cole


Sometimes it is harder to know your way

around out of the cave than in the cave. >



< Determining some study sites for crayfish monitoring in Sloan's.

Robin Cooper, Brad Dickey, Jim Krupa, John Cole, & Rob Ziemba.

To examine some cave crayfish habituation in action within the cave (Sloan's). >

John Niedzwiecki, Rob Ziemba, & Chad Johnson

< Monitoring crayfish study sites in Sloan's on a cold winter day.

Rob Ziemba, Danny, and Ann Cooper


< Research team after hours of photographing within Sloan's.

Chris Reynolds and Ann Cooper.


Never to young to start learning about cave biology-here at the Great Salt Peter Reserve. >

Richard Cooper, Ann Cooper, &

Oliver Renwick

SLOAN'S trip Aug 05, 2006

Getting ready

Making sure all is good

... Before (Richard Cooper, Ann Cooper & Sonya Bierbower)



.... Sonya Bierbower