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If your interested and learning more about caving, you are welcome to attend the BLUEGRASS GROTTO MEETINGS (a very prestigious local caving group).

For more information see (hot linked):


Sloan's Valley Conservation Task Force (Jump to their www site)

Recognized by the National Speleological Society (NSS) (1997-present).

As a member of this task force I work to protect the ecology and educate the public concerning the 23.5 miles of the Sloan Valley Cave system in Kentucky. We also have implemented an experimental research station to observe the behavioural interactions of various species of blind cave-adapted crayfish. There are a number of recent concerns that the task force is working on related to agricultural pollutants and run off from county landfills that affect the cave biology and cave dynamics.

Dr. Hiliary Lambert Hopper is the founder and director of the Sloan's Valley Conservation Task Force and all research is channeled through her. Contact:

< Peg and Hiliary.

Trying to stop the distruction of more caves

Some of the unique cave animals


< Banded cricket.

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