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Oscar Istas wins $750 in 5 min fast track presentation-2020 during COVID-19

(from Fall 2001 to 2006) - GO TO

See recent undergraduates that just finished their research GO TO

Wendy Warren (PA)- Dissecting crayfish to running gels- Presenting her work



< Betsy Ward - 3yrs in the lab, MRO -5HT on sensory neurons.

Marvin Ruffner
Payne Huffman
The cool cat - R. Chase Southard in LA.Brandy-before she knew what she was getting into.
The romance leads to the knot being tied "Brandy and Chase"



Chase spent ~ 3 + yrs in the lab. Master of quantal counts and analysis.


Fun at the wedding.

Scott Kellie (another 3 yr lab veteran)

and friend. He is also on his way to a MD.

She thought she was only going to spend 1 semester in the lab- 3yrs later...
Laura R. Listerman (P.T.) - effects of 5-HT on NMJ, HR and social interactions among crayfish.
Laura & Jeff Strawn at MBL (Woods Hole)
Jenny Haggard (DDS) & Jeff in the lab



< Jeff's rig


Jeff Strawn is another 3 + yr veteran in the lab. Also on his way to a MD at Univ. of Cinn.



< Jeff's niche.


Home away from home.

Jenny Haggard (DDS)
Devan Doshi (soon MD)
Rachel Chase
Rachel Chase (on her way to a MD at UK). 2 + yrs in the lab. Finally she can hold a crayfish.
Tracing those wires out.
How she loved to present a poster !

The lab helper and unoffical student. Annie Cooper


< The 3 amigos presenting at NCUR in Montana

Kristin Waller >

Dissecting 3rd instar fruit fly larva-what a job.




Jami Tabor and Amanda Fox (both spent 1 yr lab working on 5-HT receptors and 2nd messenger cascades activated by 5-HT)

< This is when they are acting good !



This is when they are 'Crayfish Angels' >

Both are on their way to MDs. Jami (left) at UK and Amanda (right) at Louisville




< Greg Trolly when controlling himself from eating the tasty little fellows.

Beca Hopper having fun with analysis of crayfish HR measures.
The Summer of 2001

Recennah Braxton. From Talladega College. Studies of Sensory & Motor functions.

Kristin Adams- UK Women in Science
Lea Carter Florence- UK Women in Science
Continued on additional www pages (from Fall 2001 to present)-GO TO

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