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The adventures of Hao Li (Ph.D.)From the Lab to the field

The days of Misty Crider (MS)- Now 2004 Misty Day, MD
Lab days

Party days

(Misty's& sister)

The hard working days of Johann Sohn (MS, and soon to be PhD)
The 1st meeting

The 1st seminar.

Nerve-muscle group (UK)

The days of Ping He (MS)Oh boy those days of Joe Shearer (MS)
Ping learning how to make focal electrodes

Joe is the one on the left with the beer in his hand !

[Joe, Scott Kellie, Dr. Phil Bonner]

The days of Bin Xing are just begining (2002-present)

Bin Xing

- These little flies are going to drive me crazy

Rotating Graduate Students

Joe Kramer (MS and heading for a MD)

Emily Neiman-testing if crayfish can choose the better side
The long days of Bruce Griffis stimulating muscles.




Never a minute to waste- eating and watching the scope.





Andy Johnstone

Rotation PhD student

(Fall 2002)

Boy that trip to Toronto was fun, but now back to the grind stone.

Sameera Dasari

PhD student (Spring 2003) Sensory-CNS- Motor function in Drosophila.

Amanda Ashleigh Long

Graduate student (Summer/Fall 2003)

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