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Current Lab Members

Doug Harrison
Associate Professor

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My interests in developmental biology and molecular genetics began as a Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University with Victor Corces (now at Emory University). I began research on the JAK/STAT pathway as a postdoctoral fellow with Norbert Perrimon at Harvard Medical School. Since taking a faculty position at UK in 1996, my lab's interests have focused on JAK/STAT functions in gametogenesis and the morphogenic properties of pathway ligands.


Sepideh Dadkhah
Graduate Student

-JAK/STAT signaling in spermiogenesis
Sepideh is a third year Ph.D. student.


  Bradford Hull
Graduate Student

-Formation of the Drosophila egg micropyle
Brad earned his B.S. from UK in 2018, where he was an undergraduate researcher working on his current project.


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