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UK's outreach center (Link). The Outreach Center for Science and Health Career Opportunities. Dr. Donald Frazier (Director) opened its doors in July of 1993.

U of L's outreach center (Link).

Robin Swoveland from Dunbar High School is awarded the $20 dollars and the Chapter award in physiology from participation at the Fayettte County Science fair.

Please submit any outreaching activities in the name of Ky-PHYS to so we can post on the web page and document for annual chapter reports to APS.

Recent activities:

Feb 2013. The Fayette County Science and Engineering fair (link)

Topic presented: healthy living for your heart and circulatory system. UK's Physical Therapy student (Ann Cooper) shows off human hearts (one with massive wall hypertrophy).


Two undergraduate students in KY obtained APS summer 2013 fellowships to conduct research.

See PR info : Link here

Only 24 undergraduates nationwide were selected to work in laboratories of established APS investigators. Kyeong Ran (Rachel) Jang, a biology major from Louisville who just finished her freshman year, and Audra Stacy, a senior biology major from Elkhorn City, Ky., received $4,000 each to conduct their research over a 10-week period this summer. Each of them also received $1,300 to travel to the APS annual Experimental Biology meeting, a broad-based scientific meeting of five to seven diverse biological scientific societies that are members of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. The meeting, held in spring 2014, will allow the students to meet other undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers in addition to all the scientific presentations they will attend.