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Educational content related to stereological issues

The purpose of this web page is to provide information for ongoing outreach projects with researchers, science teachers in middle and high schools as well as the general public.

We are designing educational modules for middle and high school teachers. The teachers can then use material as needed for their educational units.

Too often life science is distilled into disparate facts addressing major biological concepts, but lacking purpose for learning and applying knowledge to real world contexts. The driving principle of this project is to build learning modules employing real world scenarios to foster authentic scientific investigation in biological sciences.

Content addressed in modules aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (Achieve, Inc., 2013) for middle and secondary life science, Engineering Design, and Science and Engineering Practices, and promotes critical thinking skills in biological science.

Understanding three -dimensional (3D) and the 2 D images, which were derived from the projection of 3D images, is a basic anatomical understanding. Integrating algebra, geometry in relation to stereological issues is of importance in appreciation of mathematical application to biological topics.

Look at this 3D fly brain....AMAZING

Structural information is lost when embedded structures are sectioned. Volumes appear as areas, surfaces appear as lines, and linear features appear as intersections. Object number becomes obscure. Stereology is a set of methods that allows the application of mathematical rules to information present in 2D sections. The application of these rules makes it possible to work back to a quantitative measure of a structural parameter in 3D space.

doi:10.1101/pdb.top070623 Cold Spring Harb Protoc 2012. © 2012 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Resources: Papers and web links

Pre/post test MS WORD PDF

A real life problem MS Word PDF

A 3 min introduction movie :

Movie on YouTube explaining part 1 with 3 sections of the triangle ( )

Here is the link for how to make the shadow boxes.

Exercise area MS word PDF

Exercise volume MS word PDF

Poster for showing Middle and High school levels (power point)

PPT that can be used for class presentations ppt 1 and ppt 2

Nerve terminal synapse reconstrction (PDF)

Vesicle sizes with in a nerve terminal (PDF)

Principles of 2D Image Analysis (PDF)

Participants designing this content are :

Maddie Sanden, Dept. of Biol., Univ. of KY


REBECCA KRALL, Dept. of STEM, Univ. of KY

SUSAN MAYO, P-12 Math and Science Outreach Unit of PIMSER, Univ. of KY.

DIANE JOHNSON, P-12 Math and Science Outreach Unit of PIMSER, Univ. of KY.

KIM ZEIDLER-WATTERS, P-12 Math and Science Outreach Unit of PIMSER, Univ. of KY.

ROBIN L. COOPER, Dept. of Biol., & Center for Muscle Biology, Univ. of KY.

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