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Information for science teachers involved in teacher workshops or various projects with faculty. PIMSER and STEM Pride at the University of Kentucky have used some of these projects



Projects in development for educational resources related to middle & high school science teachers

These topics can be used in context for teaching modules

IES High School group: Integrating Engineering in Science workshop content .

Biological impact with climate change. Water chemistry ( focus is on CO2 )

MUSE and IES training groups as well as STEM Pride School Groups ( "Health Fair" content)


1. Skeletal muscle

2. Population dynamics-examples with fruit flies

3. Imaging science: Stereology, geometry and math integration with biological concepts (3D-2D issues)

4. Water pollution

5. Epigenetics

6. COPD / CO2-pH / Smoking and health

7. Gamma knife / Nuclear medicine

8. Cardiovascular issues: blood flow, viscosity, plaque

9. Physics in sports, movement and health

10. Synaptic transmission-Neurobiology

11. Optogenetics

12. Fruit flies as a model for learning about the effects of diet: Metabolic syndrome

13. Mechanosensory & chemosensory: Neural recording from an intact lobsters, crayfish & blue crabs