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Workshops & On line Presentations

See flier about this outreaching project when it was a course taught at the University of KY, USA

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See University of KY public relations report on a course this concept was based on here

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Dr. Robin L. Cooper
Office: Univ. of KY, Dept. of Biology, rm
Tel: 257-5950

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I am using this project to count towards "service" for my University of Kentucky employment.

Central Americal Outreaching. High school teacher workshop in neuroscience (Read about it)

Science outreach international: The 2017 Belize (Central America) Adventure (Download PDF)

Class participantion for UK's Bio 446/650 with Ms. Shannon Conlin, a marine biologist, (Swansea University, United Kingdom) See movie clip





Time:  Any time you want to participate you are welcome to do so.

The primary purpose of this on line material seminar is to prepare students to discuss science topics (research  or published works) and to learn a means to be effective in presentation via web based media. As part of this project, each person is responsible for selecting a topic. Presenting a research topic or paper orally in the context of the seminar is key and will be used for providing student feedback from peers and the instructors.

General policy: Group participation as a discussion board postings is the main interaction for this project. Your recordings are managed through YouTube or to post on this web page that I will manage. The media needs to be available for all people that want to participate.

The idea is to learn how to present by doing. The presentations are viewed and critiqued on the nature of web based media presentation of what appears to be advantageous for conducting scientific discussion via web media.

The topic can be a research project that you are involved in or current topics in Biology. The class will ask questions and you are to encourage through a discussion that can be posted through me or you can post comments direct to a person's YouTube comments section.

International students are encourged to participate in the course; however, to monitor content that will be posted through this web page I need to understand what is being said. So, I might delay linking to a youtube link or posting the presentation until someone can review content if in another language other than English or Korean.

Link for topics and papers
Go to the
These journals offer you some topics that might be of interest to you for the course. Not all papers are full access to all the journals. One can also email the authors of papers and ask them to send you a PDF version of their paper for the course discussion.

The format

Pick a topic and be able to present it via Power point. Plan on performing two different presentations, each 15 minutes in length. The online questions and discussion will be linked with the presentation via this web page. If we have issues with posting by international students they can email me their text and I will post on a web page for all students in the course students to view.  The 1st presentation will be reviewed by me and anyone that wants to participate. After comments are provided,  a second presentation on a different topic or the same content should be given by the partcipant for seeing improvement in the quality of presentation via this web media and for the scientific content of the presentation.

The theme for this outreaching project is "Current Topics in Biology"


2015 projects:

07/21/2015 Ms. Emily Yocom. Presenting on her KBRIN summer research project. YouTube link. .....Also can download here 40 mB file.


2014 projects:

09/24/2014: Mr. Samuel Potter, on an educational project for High School science teachers. Youtube link Also see web page discribing the project HERE

Oral presentation followed by a series of questions.

.................FEED BACK on Mr. Samuel Potter (PDF)


04/13/2014: Mr. Samuel Wycoff, preparing for the jrKAS meeting for high school students.

Oral presentation followed by a series of questions. (

.................FEED BACK on Mr. Samuel Wycoff (PDF)

2013 projects:

07/31/2013: Ms. Jordan Rice. Summer research project funded by KBRIN (KY). Please email me any feedback for posting.


07/15/2013: Ms. Clara deCastro's High school (Lexington, KY) project on developing a better saline to maintain the Drosophila larval heart. . Please email me any feedback for posting.

.................FEED BACK on Ms. Clara deCastro (PDF)

03/30/2013: The presenter is Ms. Ji Hye Park from Seoul National University, South Korea

.................FEED BACK on Ms. Ji Hye Park (PDF)

04/17/2013: (presenter, Ms. Eun-Hae Jang) Seoul National University, South Korea

.................FEED BACK on Ms. Eun-Hae Jang (PDF)

04/17/2013: (presenter, Mr. Hyo-Pil Kim)Seoul National University, South Korea

.................FEED BACK on Mr. Hyo-Pil Kim (PDF)


               Dr. Cooper shows how to watch a power point and a youtube at same time on the screen (Go here and play ECHO 360 . Just click on "Hi" after you open the web link.

            Cooper with 2 different ways to present:

One way with power point playing next to youtube (download pptx here, watch YouTube

Second way is movie of talking head and then pptx part of movie

.................FEED BACK on Cooper (PDF)

In case you want to see whole presentation for a journal club talk (download pptx here, watch YouTube 27 minutes

Sept. 2012

This week review Mr. Zana Majeed's presentation on the YOUTUBE link. Email me your constructive criticism. "Pharmacogentic approach in directing inhibition of the larval heart in Drosophila melanogaster." ...This is a heavy research based presentation.     

.................FEED BACK on Zana (PDF)


So we have a posting here from Ms. Ann Cooper on a project related to an international research project. Here is the YOUTUBE link:

.................FEED BACK on Ann Cooper (PDF)


  A very nice posting by  Ms. Kristen Wilson. We have the INTRODUCTION movie and a ppt. The YouTube will be posted here: if you can not see the YOUTUBE you can right click here and download a 120 mB file (quick time movie) then


A wonderful posting by Ms. Sunny Chung (presenting from KOREA). She use to be a student at the University of KY. She also published a peer reviewed manuscript on her project (here it is as a PDF file.. click here). Here is the YOUTUBE link ( )

Here is the same seminar for a group, presented in KOREAN.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

.................FEED BACK on Sunny Chung (PDF)



A real neat project posted by Ms. Katelyn McNamara is here on YOUTUBE

( ).

.................FEED BACK on Katelyn McNamara (PDF)


A new approach of relaying information. Live poster presentation. Please see if this approach is a good means to present on line. We want to try new ways and then everyone can determine what does and does not work. The topic is an interesting topic. This is research by Ms. Ellen Burns (view here )

.................FEED BACK on Ellen Burns (PDF)


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