STA 621: Nonparametric Statistics

Fall 2012


11-29: On assignment 5, problem 9(b), "time" should be "temperature". (Thank you Yumin for pointing this out)

11-28: On slide 14 from the 11-20 notes, l=1,...K should be k=1,...K. (Thank you Yumin for pointing this out)

11-14: I added more background on GLMs to the 11-13 notes and made some revisions throughout. I'll go over this material again on 11-15.

10-24: Corrected typo (slide 9, 10-18 notes): t should be u. (Thank you Yumin for pointing this out)

10-16: I revised the theorem on slide 12 (10-16 notes) -- I was wrong to doubt Professor Wasserman; his theorem is indeed correct. Thank you to Shihong for convincing me that Wasserman's use of the mean value theorem was indeed valid!

8-29: Assignment 1, problem 2 -- I neglected to specify that F must be continuous at θ with positive density. See the current electronic copy [1] for a restatement of the problem. (Thank you Grady for pointing this out)

8-29: I added a slide (15/25) to the notes for 8-28, introducing the homework problem on bounded functionals.

7-25: Welcome to the website for STA 621, Nonparametric Statistics. On the left are links to the syllabus and lecture notes. There are also a number of data sets available in a tab-delimited format.