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Thinking and learning :

Neat Philosophy:

Will Durant---The Philosophy of Spinoza, 10 hour Youtube audio book

Will Durant---The Philosophy of Kant, 1 hour youtube audio book

Will Durant---The Philosophy of Aristotle, 1 hour youtube audio book,

Published by: Wiley
Article ID: PHY2 12695

PHY2 - 12695

Figure 1 here

Figure 2 here

Figure 3 here


For review of the "Population dynamics based on resource availability and founding effects: live and computational models" Go to web page


Fred Flintstone (download 1st and then open) echo 360 FRED version 2

For Ms. Potter (download)

For muscle class instructors: 235 mB file (download to your computer..

Chapter 1, Ch2, ch3, ch4, ch5, ch6, ch 7, color plates)


For JoVE : JoVE50631R1 .... LEECH paper John Talking-Introduction (150mB)


For Koch.... ppt and movie of Sandra's presentation

Movie 1-Shaker Village....... Movie 2



agenda, codes

Heart Lungs Bones Brain Cancer



FCPS workshop for Jan 24, 2007: ppt file and movie

For Dr. Kim Movies of larval behavior

1. MD larva (80 MB)

2. J1 larva (59 MB)

3. J1 and MD larva (64 MB)

4. Island experiment (70 MB)

For the lastest movie clips of research projects (go to)