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Awards from the Ky Academy of Sciences meeting:
1st: Esraa A. Abdeljaber - University of Kentucky
2nd: Clara deCastro - University of Kentucky (Clara is a really a high school student who competed as an undergrad ! )
2nd: Zana R. Majeed - University of Kentucky
2nd: Josh Titlow - University of Kentucky

Ms. Stacy, Ms Burns and Mr. Potts awarded at Ribble Dinner 2013

2013 grad student get together at Wang's home:

ar ar

Current Students

Samuel Wycoff

I was a high school student from Dunbar conducting research in the lab and now I am an undergraduate at UK working on the neural regulation and environmental issues in a crayfish model

Rachel Potter

potter potter

I am addressing cellular functions in recruitment of synaptic vessicle pools in phasic and tonic motor nerve terminals. rspo223 at


Eashwar Somasundaram

Spring 2016:The goal of this project is to obtain a better characterization of acetycholine (Ach) action and receptor subtypes in the Drosophila melanogaster nervous system.

Kaylee Hall (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)

I am conducting research on the GABA-ergic system in Drosophila.

Christina Hermanns (Spring 2017- Spring 2018)


La Shay Byrd (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)


Brittany Slabach

BSL223 at


Jennifer Marie Costa (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)

These two are really not joined at the head. Jenny will be working on projects which involve effects on synaptic transmission with the potential of enhanced and dampened retrograde feedback of target tissue. She is starting in the summer 2017.

jennifer.m.mccall at


MacKenzie Knabel & Ruger (Summer 2017, Fall 2017- Spring 2018))

I am helping to construct an on-line Neurophysiology lab manual for Bio446/Bio650.


Victoria (Ali) Spedding  (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)


Alex Stanback (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)

Tristan Donovan (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)


Carly Ballinger Boone (Fall 2017- Spring 2018)

The gang:


Micaiah McNabb (Spring 2018)

Spring 2018.

Umair Bhutto (Spring 2018)

Spring 2018.


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