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Oscar Istas wins $750 in 5 min fast track presentation-2020 during COVID-19

Current Students


Shelby McCubbin (lots of neat projects) 2020-2021

Neuro Fellow, UK Neuroscience Institute (Spring 2021)

Bio 394 research

Nicole T. Marguerite (Researched on the effects of LPS and TRPA channels)

Cecilia Pankau (Spring, Summer & Fall2021)

Bio 394 research


Nyla Parker (Summer 2021)

Neuro Fellow, UK Neuroscience Institute (Summer 2021)



Hannah Tanner (Summer 2021)

Summer KBRIN scholar 2021


Rachel Potter (back in the lab after 3 years out)


3rd year medical student at UKY (elective for research).


Alexis (Lexie) Meade (Fall 2021)

Bio395 research. I am working with Rachel Potter on a project


Devan Neely (Fall 2021)

Bio 394 research


Aubrey Wehry (Summer & Fall 2021)

Bio 395 research.



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