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Students selected to go on to the state fair from CKRSEF

MS word and PDF file download (more awrds PDF-1, PDF-2)


For more information about International Science andEngineering Fair see :

A list in PDF format or MS WORD is able to be downloaded by clicking here (PDF) (MS WORD).

Awards presented at the CKRSEF 2016 are as follows:

**AWARDS 2016**


4th grade Category Awards

Animal Sciences

1st, Jack Boyd, Rosa Parks
2nd, Noah Tinch, Glendover

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st, Evan Riegert, SCAPA
2nd, Maiya Shandari, Model Lab


1st, Kiran Koul & Allie Kronenberg, Rosa Parks
2nd, Natalie Butler, SCAPA


1st, Rogers Kobes, Glendover
2nd, Jack Patterson, Cassidy
3rd, Taylor Ward, Home School
4th, Obadi
a Kutkut, Lexington Universal

Earth and Environmental Sciences

1st, Sawyer Scott, Cassidy
2nd, Theo Swank, SCAPA
3rd, Dina Tsegaye, Lexington Christian


1st, Grayson Rice, Athens-Chilesburg
2nd, Colten Gayne, Liberty
3rd, Eliijah Greinke, Glendover
4th, Isaiah Cruz, Sandersville

Medicine & Health Sciences

1st, Michael Barnett , Seton Catholic
Annie Arnold
, Sandersville
3rd, Avery Simmons , Dixie

Physics and Astronomy

1st, Jenna Johnson, Lexington Christian
2nd, Celia Richey & Will Harter, Model Lab
3rd, Matthew Donovan, Wellington

Plant Sciences

1st, Samantha Miculinich, SCAPA
2nd, Kate Hagan, Model Lab
3rd, Alex Stumber
, Ashland Elementary

4th Grade overall

1st place overall Grayson Rice, Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
2nd place overall Samantha Miculinich, SCAPA


Special Awards - High School and Middle School

Broadcom Masters Awards

Meena Ambati, Winburn
Cartrer Boggess, Home School
Kristin Drummond, St. John
Lutece DuBravac, Winburn
Grace Goff, Beaumont
Melissa Hannemann, Winburn
Ayush Kumar, Winburn
Kendal Price, St. Leo
Jeffrey Shen, Winburn
Wilson Spangler, SCAPA
Kayla Turney, Leestown
Evan Winkler, Morton
Quincy Winkler, Morton
Lea Yiannikouris, Beaumont

Naval Research Office Awards
Kate Ramsey, St. Leo
Isabella Squire, Leestown
Will Smiley, St. Leo
Neha Kadambi
Gloria Ming
Hemanth Sontenam

Air Force Awards
Malcolm Hale, St. Marks
Ella Emert,Sts. Peter & Paul
Ethan Elbert/Philip Dority, Sts. Peter & Paul

National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration Pulse of the Planet Award
Elizabeth Hightower, Glendover

American Psychological Association Award
Emily Liu, Dunbar

ASM Materials Foundation Award
Brenna Wallin, Lafayette

ISWEEEP Sustainability Award

Derris Stanland, Lexington Christian Academy

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award
Amina Anwar, Dunbar

Mu Alpha Theta Award in Mathematics
Jeffrey Shen, Winburn

Ricoh Americas Sustainability Award
Derris Stanland, Lexington Christian

Society for in vitro Biology Award
Jasmine Liu, Dunbar

Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Derris Stanland, Lexington Christian
Lucy Yang , Dunbar
Ananth Miller-Murthy, Dunbar

Yale Science & Engineering Award
Ronit Kar, Dunbar

Arizona State University Walton Sustainability Award
Derris Stanland, Lexington Christian
Ananth Miller-Murthy, Dunbar

Middle School Physical and Life Sciences Awards

Download PDF here

Middle School Category Awards

Animal Sciences

1st, Meena Ambati, Winburn MS
2nd, Hayden Collins, LCA
3rd, Ethan Elber
t & Philip Dority, Sts. Peter & Pau

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st , Kyndal Price, St. Leo
2nd ,
Ginny Gregory
, St. Leo
3rd , Jessica Rowell & Kate Messerli, Ashland

Cellular & Molecular Biology

1st, Shania Mittendorf ,Seton Catholic

Biomedical & Health Sciences

1st, Evan Winkler, Morton
2nd, Mohammad Rashad, Beaumont
3rd, Abigail Gay, Trinity Christian


1st, Varun Hariprasad, Meadowthorpe
2nd, Philip Maxton, Winburn
3rd, Trinity
Fogleman, Campbell Jr. High

Earth & Environmental Sciences

1st, Khushi Borikar, Winburn
2nd, Kate Hagan, Model Lab
3rd, Andrew Lewis, Bryan Station Middle

Embedded Systems

1st, Jacob Leach, Trinity Christian

Energy: Chemical

1st, Wilson Spangler, SCAPA

Energy: Physical

1st, Grace Goff, Beaumont
2nd, Skyler Trowe, Leestown
3rd, Zachary Washnock, Lexington Christian

Engineering Mechanics

1st, Kayla Turney, Leestown Middle
2nd, Matthew Drummond, St. John
3rd, Suhas Medam, Beaumont

Environmental Engineering

1st, Lea Yiannikouris, Beaumont
2nd, Emma Jinright, Beaumont
3rd, London Kreide, E. J. Hayes
3rd, Sayer Kobersmith, Home School

Materials Science

1st, Carter Boggess, Home School
2nd, Kylie Schmidt, Winburn
3rd, Ethan Crump, Christ the King

Mathematical sciences

1st, Jeffrey Shen, Winburn
2nd, Sophia Humza, Morton


1st, Frances Kilgore, Maxwell Elementary
2nd, Trey Gronotte, St. Pius X

Physics and Astronomy

1st, Charles Cochran, Home School
2nd, Alyssa Gebhart, Lexington Christian
3rd, Mason Young, Morton
3rd, Elliot Blanche, Glendover

Plant Sciences

1st, Quincy Winkler, Morton
2nd, Manya Tiwari, Beaumont
3rd, Sarah Harper, Lexington Christian
3rd, Keenan Wilson, Morton

Robotics & Intelligent Machines

1st, Melissa Hannemann, Winburn

Systems Software

1st, Ayush Kumar, Winburn

Translational Medical Science

1st, Lutece Dubravac, Winburn
2nd, Benjamin Adair, Christ the King

Overall Awards Middle School
1st place overall Ayush Kumar, Winburn
2nd place overall Evan Winkler, Morton
3rd place overall Carter Bogess, Home School

Broadcom Masters -Middle School

High School Category Awards

Animal Sciences

1st, Megan Slusarewicz,Dunbar
2nd, Zarian Embry, Dunbar

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st , Emily Liu, Dunbar
2nd, Zachary Ross, Dunbar


1st, Adil Yusuf, Dunbar
2nd, Joanna Slusarewicz, Dunbar
3rd, Annie Griffith, Dunbar 

Biomedical & Health Sciences

1st, Jasmine Liu, Dunbar
2nd, Angela Vitchitbandha, Dunbar
3rd, Francesca Macchiavello Cauvi, Dunbar

Cellular and Molecular Biology

1st, Abigail Woolums, Dunbar
2nd, Usman Hamid, Dunbar 
3rd, Connor Krolack, Dunbar


1st, Amit Lohe, Dunbar  
2nd, Younjin Han, Dunbar 

3rd, E. Cooper White, Home School 

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

1st, Thomas Cheal, Dunbar

Earth & Environmental Sciences

1st, Ashley Liu, Dunbar
2nd, Ananth Miller-Murthy, Dunbar 

Engineering Mechanics

1st Kyra Seevers Dunbar
2nd Chase Vickery Dunbar

Environmental Engineering

1st Derris Stanland, Lexington Christian Academy

Materials Science

1st, Brenna Wallin, Lafayette
2nd, Eric Cao, Dunbar
3rd, David Seder, Dunbar

Physics & Astronomy

1st, Ronit Kar, Dunbar
2nd, Madeline Basehart, Dunbar

Plant Sciences

1st, Ethen Shen, Dunbar
2nd, Lucy Yang, Dunbar

Translational Medical Sciences

1st David Ma and Amy Wang, Dunbar
2nd, Will Kimmerer, Sayre
3rd, Amina Anwar, Dunbar

High School Overall Awards*

1st place overall Kyra Seevers, Dunbar
2nd place overall David Ma and Amy Wang, Dunbar
3rd place overall Brenna Wallin, Lafayette

*Includes all-expense paid trip to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair

see www site for information related to State Science fair